Join the volunteer fire team!

What does it mean to volunteer at the Openlakes?

  • Intégrer une équipe d'organisation professionnelle
  • Participate in an international sporting event
  • Live an extraordinary sporting and human adventure
  • Meet incredible people
  • Work to ensure that this event is of high quality
  • Support and encourage athletes who take on extraordinary challenges
  • Add a line to your resume about volunteering
  • ​Laughing, crying, shouting, singing

In short, being a volunteer at the Openlakes Champagne means creating memorable memories, exchanging and sharing, having various missions such as welcoming participants, managing registrations, being in charge of swimming safety, taking care of the athletes' refreshments, managing the course signs, running a bar, ensuring the good organization of a bike park, etc. Tasks that will be assigned to you according to your preferences, of course!

Que tu sois membre d'un club sportif, d'un mouvement de jeunesse, d'une association ou que tu souhaites venir seul, en famille ou entre amis, n'hésite plus et rejoins notre équipe de feu. Contacte vite notre responsable bénévole, Perrine :

Already a huge thank you for your time and help, we are so lucky and grateful to have people like you!

Tu souhaites participer à l'événement un jour et nous donner un coup de main l'autre jour ? 


Full = 25% discount on registration

Half = 50% discount on registration

Olympic = 75% discount on registration

Promo, MFTE, Teens, Kids & Mini-kids = free