For the 2023 editions, the Openlakes Triathlon opens 4 of these events (8 races) to disabled athletes.

The disabled athletes will be able to compete in 2 formats, as individuals or in team relays.

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14:00-20:00Opening of the exhibition village
14:00-20:00Opening secretariat race (Full, Half, DO, Promo)
14:00-15:00Swimming training
17:00-18:00Swimming training
16:00-20:00Bike check-in - Full (Required) & Half (Recommended)
05:15-06:45Opening of the "full" bike park
07:00Start - Full Distance
08:00-20:00Opening of the exhibition village
08:00-10:30Opening secretariat race - Half Distance
08:30-10:00Enregistrement vélo - Demi-distance
10:30Départ – Half Distance
16:00-18:30Opening secretariat race - Olympic & Promo
20:00Awards ceremony - Half and Full Distance
07:00-08:30Opening secretariat race - Promo Distance
07:00-20:00​Opening of the partners' village
07:00-08:45Check-in vélo - Promo Distance

Opening secretariat race – Teens & MFTE & Kids

09:00-14:00Opening secretariat race - Olympic Distance
09:00Start - Promo Distance - Men
09:30 Start - Promo Distance - Women
Bike check-in – Teens & MFTE Distance
11:30 Start - TEENS Distance
11:35Start – My First Triathlon Experience (XS)
12:15-13:00Bike check-in – Kids & Mini Kids
13:00-14:15Bike check-in - Olympic Distance
13:00Start – Mini Kids (6-9ans)
13:30Start – Kids (10-13ans)
13:30Awards Ceremony – Promo Distance / Rookie / MFTE / Kids / Mini Kids
14:30Start - Olympic Distance
18:00Awards Ceremony - Olympic Distance


GPS : Latitude : 48.606 | Longitude : 4.776
51290 Sainte-Marie-du-Lac-Nuisement, France

Gare de Vitry-le-François
51300 Vitry-le-François, France
T : +33 8 92 35 35 35.

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- Until when are registrations open?

Openlakes Champagne: It is possible to register until 16/06/2023 subject to availability.

- What does the registration fee include?

The price you pay includes registration, administration fee, participant gift and finisher medal.

- Am I registered correctly?

Openlakes Champagne: You can check if you are in order of registration in the list of participants via this link.

- Can I register for 2 different distances?

Yes, it is possible to participate in 2 different events at the same time.

- What if my distance is complete and I am not registered?

You can register on the waiting list. You will be informed if a place becomes available, depending on cancellations.

- I registered but I didn't receive the payment link, how can I pay?

You must go to the registration page and click on the shopping cart at the top right of your screen. There you will find the instructions to make the payment.

- I am responsible for a club, is it possible to make a group registration?

Yes, you can decide to create a group via the registration platform.

You have several options for managing your group:

- Each member decides to "join a group" via the registration form. He must then mention the group code. He can then enter all his details and decide to pay individually.

- Each member decides to "join a group" via the registration form. He/she must then mention the group code. He can then enter all his details and decide that the club will pay the amount later.

- The club leader registers members as they come in and closes the group when they want to. He or she will then receive an invoice for payment.

- What is the difference between the age group and pro category?

The "pro" category includes elite athletes. It is necessary to have elite status to be able to register in this category. The "age group" category includes the age categories of all other athletes who register.

- Is it possible to rent a wetsuit?

You can reserve your swimsuit via the registration form.

The suit will be available on the day of the event in the exhibitor village.

The unique price of the rental is 45€ (+ deposit of 100€).

More information on our website on the page "Rent a suit" in "Business".

- I want to change some data in my registration, can I do it?

- I want to change some data in my registration, can I do it?

- Can I change my distance?

Openlakes Champagne: All distance transfer requests will be accepted via the email address : info@openlakeschampagne.com 

- In case of downgrading of distance, the difference of the registration fee will not be refunded.

- For any request to increase the distance, the difference in the registration fee between the two distances must be paid by bank transfer for the registration to be validated.

- Can I transfer my registration to another athlete?

Yes, you can do this yourself via the "my data" tab of the registration form. You fill in your reference number and you can change all the data. You will be charged an administration fee of 15 euros.

Openlakes Champagne: If you have subscribed to the cancellation package, please send an email to info@openlakeschampagne.com so that this procedure can be performed by the organization without additional administrative costs.

Please note that this transfer can be done until a certain date. You can find all the information in the tab "cancellation conditions".

- Can I be reimbursed if I can't attend?

The terms of repayment depend on several factors:

- Did you subscribe to the cancellation package when you registered?

- On what date did you send in your claim?

Please find all the information about the dates and amounts on our website on the page Cancellation conditions!

- What documents do I need to show when I pick up my number?

You must present your identity card and your triathlon license. If you are not licensed, you must subscribe to the one-day insurance AND be in possession of a medical certificate dated less than 6 months before the event.

- Can my family doctor write the medical certificate?

Yes, this certificate must be dated within 6 months of the date of the event. It must stipulate that you are fit to practice triathlon/duathlon.

- Can I register without attaching my medical certificate?

Yes, you can always add it as soon as you have it via the "my data" tab on the top left of the registration form.

- Who can participate in the events?

Anyone can participate as long as they are the minimum age and have an international triathlon license or a medical certificate stating that you are capable of doing a "competitive triathlon". If you do not have a license, you will need to purchase a one-day license at the time of registration. There is a different minimum legal age for each race. Be born in 2004 or earlier for all races except for the Sprint Distance where you must be born in 2006 or earlier.

- Are there time limits for each discipline?

Yes, each discipline has its own time limits. Please find all the information on the "CUT OFF" page.

- What happens if I exceed the time limit?

If you exceed the time limit for an event, the referees will make the decision not to let you compete in the next event.

- Is the neoprene swimming suit mandatory?

Wearing a wetsuit is mandatory if the water temperature is below 16°C. Wearing a wetsuit is not mandatory if the water temperature is between 16°C and 23°C. Above 23°C, wetsuits are not allowed.

- What is the temperature of the water?

A temperature reading will be taken on the morning of the event. We cannot predict the temperature in advance. The final decision on whether or not to wear a wetsuit will be made on the day of the race.

- Is it possible to rent a wetsuit?

You can reserve your swimsuit via the registration form.

The suit will be available on the day of the event in the exhibitor village.

The unique price of the rental is 45€ (+ deposit of 100€).

More information on our website on the page "Wetsuit rental".

- How to download the different courses?

The GPX files of the different disciplines can be downloaded by following these steps:

- Go to the tab Tests

- Click on your event

- Click on the tab "Info and routes".

- Click on the "View on OpenRunner" button

- The OpenRunner site page opens

- Click on "Download for GPS".

- How can I become a volunteer?

To join the team of volunteers, nothing could be easier! Fill out the form in click here..

- Can I access the transition park with a backpack?

Any type of bag is forbidden inside the transition park. Only a plastic box with a maximum size of L45, H25, W35 is allowed to store your personal equipment. You must bring your own plastic box, it is not possible to get one on site.

- Are extension cords allowed?

Extenders are allowed because these are events where drafting is prohibited.

- Is drafting allowed?

Drafting is not allowed in any event. You must keep a minimum distance of 10 meters between the leading edge of your front wheel and the front wheel of the bike you are following.

- I registered as a group, how can I get my number back?

There are 2 options to get your number via a group:

- The group leader collects the bibs of all its members.

- Each member of the group gets his or her number individually.


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